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I. Corporate Spirit:
Righteousness, integrity, pragmatism, innovation :
Note: righteous, decent and generous as a person, impartial, abiding by laws, upright, sincere, trustworthy, honest service, establishing credibility, seeking truth from facts, down to earth, racing against time, reflecting the value, broadening our horizons, making bold exploration, unconventional, creating vitality.

II. Corporate Tenet:
The pursure excellence and return society:
Note: 1.
Self-improvement, self-development, and constant self-transcendence; never-ending pursuit of outstanding achievements, extraordinary and leapfrog expansion of the development scale, maintain a brilliant tomorrow in the process of economic globalization.
Note: 2.
To provide more high-quality products for the domestic and international markets and create more economic benefits; pay more taxes for the country, expand production constantly, expand employment workforce, foster “four-have” new people for modernization, benefit the people, and provide as much material and spiritual nourishment as possible for the well-off of the nation.

III. Code of Conducts for the Staff:
1. Integrity, pragmatism, innovation, striving for the first place
2. Law-abiding, strict enforcement of orders and bans, prioritizing the overall situation
3. Loving their jobs and dedicated to their work, inquisitive at their professions, observing responsibilities
4. Emphasis on quality, improving efficiency, excel at work
5. Unity, cooperation and justice
6. Courteous, modest, willing to help others
7. Loyalty to the company, making more contributions, not mindful of fame and gain
8. Pragmatic, pursuing excellence and social return