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Advanced equipment

110kV circuit breaker assembly area

110kV circuit breaker assembly area

220kV circuit breaker assembly area

550kV and more than the combination of electrical appliances arc chamber assembly area (100 thousand level of purification)

550kV and above combination electric appliance assembly area


Advanced equipment


LW30-72.5 (126) porcelain circuit breaker assembly


Germany EWM automatic welding machine


German Demargi five axis linkage milling machining center

Casting production line for import insulating part


Real time imaging system of "X" of insulating part

Full automatic electroplating production line

CNC optical fiber laser cutting machine

CNC machining center

Sealing ring production line

CNC wire cutting processing area


Four roll CNC machine


Longitudinal seam remelting surface pressing machine

1500kV1A- high voltage test transformer

3600kV360KJ- impact test transformer