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Technical Center

Taikai Electric (India) Pvt Ltd got the full technology supporting from its parent company---Shandong Taikai High Voltage Switch Co., Ltd whose Technology Center is a provincial enterprise technology center approved by the Shandong Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology. The Technology Center consists of the Committee of Experts, the Technical Committee, Research Office, laboratories, as well as the two technical sub-centers: electrical apparatus mechanism and electrical insulation. The technology center has the design, development and test capabilities for circuit breakers of 1100kV voltage and below, combined electrical apparatus, and the supporting actuators, and insulating members.

Under the operation philosophy of "people-oriented", it has introduced and trained a group of highly educated, high-quality, high-capacity management staff. The Technology Center has more than 190 professional technical personnel, including 9 senior engineers, 61 engineers, 28 engineering and technical staff holding master's degrees, and more than 110 full-time staff engaged in new product research and development; the Technology Center has carried out extensive cooperation and exchanges with domestic famous universities and research institutes. As a training base for internship of students from Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shandong University, North China Electric Power University and other colleges and universities, it is planning to build a post-doctoral research station.

The Technology Center is fully equipped with hardware and software facilities. All kinds of test equipment, test analysis equipment, research and testing equipment have reached the leading domestic level. The Technology Center has a good basis for research and development. In recent years, the Technology Center has developed a total of 20 products, wherein the ZF16-550 / Y5000-63 sulfur hexafluoride gas insulated switchgear has been rated as the "national key new product" by the Ministry of Science and Technology; the ZF-145 / 3150-40 gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear has been listed in the "State torch program" by the Ministry of Science and technology; the Technology Center has obtained more than 130 patents, including 12 invention patents (two have been certified, and 10 are being announced); the Technology Centre had participated in the development of five national standards.

The Technical Center’s laboratory has two high-voltage shielded test halls, 3600kV / 360kJ impact test generators, 1500kV / 1A non-partial discharge power frequency voltage resistance test equipment, partial discharge testers, mechanical property testers, micro-water test instrument, SF6 gas leak detectors and other test equipment, which can complete the full set of insulation tests for high-voltage switchgear of 1100kV and below, main circuit resistance and temperature rise tests, switch mechanical property tests, SF6 gas leak and quality tests, to provide a reliable guarantee for the development of new products