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Service system

Our customer service department is the centralized management sector of after-sales service, which implements professional customer, marketing services management, responsible for the planned implementation and organization of guidance for product installation, maintenance and overhaul, upgrading, customer training, etc., as well as onsite product quality information feedback and processing, customer satisfaction surveys, service records management, and so on.

The Service department consists of combined electrical apparatus service team, maintenance and overhaul service department, and maintenance workshop, and established an after-sales service personnel team, to be responsible for the service work for all the company’s products, and mainly engaged in product onsite installation and commissioning, and cooperating with users in product acceptance, commissioning, handling of defects and failures, maintenance and overhaul, upgrading for value increase, etc.

All service personnel hold diploma or higher, with the appropriate expertise and extensive practical experience, who were recruited after their abilities and technical levels have been recognized after examinations, and who are capable of handling various product problems and failures. The Service Department has adequate vehicles, equipment, instruments, and services to meet the needs of onsite services, which can reach the scene in the user-specified time, and solve the problem at the fastest speed. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

It has developed a comprehensive service system and service regulations, designed and produced the “Onsite standardized operating instructions", “On-site installation inspection test card", and “Service Report”. The working procedures in the whole process from product installation site survey, acceptance of products after product installation, to delivery have been clearly defined, which can effectively guide the field service work correctly. After the products are put into operation, the field service record will be achieved for subsequent quality traceability.

Thecustomer satisfaction survey mechanism was established to strengthen ties and communication with users, listen carefully to their evaluation on the company's customer services and product quality and recommendations for improvement, to carry out timely statistics, measurement, and improvement for customer satisfaction.

We carry out statistics for the various problems arising onsite in a timely manner, which is reported to the relevant departments of the company to develop appropriate solutions, to strengthen quality control and provide the basis for the implementation of quality improvement.